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Catholic News & Perspective

December 2021

Dec 8

As Christmas nears, remember to prepare — and rejoice

By: Scott Warden There is so much to love about our Catholic faith, but one thing I’m appreciating more as I grow older is the Church’s understanding that there are certain universal truths. At the top is that God is the creator of all and that Jesus, his son, is truly God and truly man. Mary was conceived without sin. There is a...
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Dec 6

Supreme Court hears arguments as to why it must right its past abortion wrongs

By: Richard W. Garnett It is a basic rule of court-watching and law-punditry that one should not assume that justices’ questions, or their silence, are definitive indicators of how they will vote on a particular case. That said, the oral arguments in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization at the U.S....
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Dec 3

Opening the word: The soul seeks the Word

By: Father Joshua J. Whitfield St. Bernard of Clairvaux, in one of his many sermons on the Song of Songs, said it best, I think: “The soul seeks the Word, and consents to receive correction, by which she may be enlightened to recognize him, strengthened to attain virtue, moulded to wisdom, conformed to his likeness, made fruitful by him,...
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Dec 1

See the Nativity through the eyes of ‘The Chosen’ this Advent

By:Lisa Hendey “People must know.” Those iconic words spoken in the pilot episode of the worldwide streaming giant “The Chosen” are revisited with power and meaning in the show’s upcoming Christmas special. In advance of its yet-to-be filmed third season, series creator, writer and director Dallas Jenkins surprised...
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